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AngieW in Texas

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We replaced our 30 year old range after the broiler element shorted and started shooting flames in the oven and wouldn't stop until it was unplugged.


Now we are having problems with all of our cookware on the stovetop. Apparently none of our cookware is actually flat on the bottom, which is necessary for our smoothtop stove.


What kind of cookware do you recommend? I'm looking primarily at 2 quart and 3 quart pots because I do have skillets that work.


I don't want nonstick for these. 

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I got a 3qt le crueset and loved it on my flat top.  It works in the oven too, so hey, a twofer.



(PS:  I had the same issue so here a big "rats" for you.)

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all-clad d5.  it's perfectly smooth, and one recommended for smooth tops.  this is a link for a current 2nd's sale.  https://homeandcooksales.com/index.php/



I use it on gas. . . and it is worth every single penny.   :drool5:   I've had every thing from dept store calphalon (which is much better than what you can get at target or walmart) to scan pan to tramotina . . . :tongue_smilie: .   but the d5 .. :hurray:  love love love.  the first time I made a bechamel sauce .. oh wow.


  i usually am able to find them at tjmaxx/marshalls or even ebay.  I know how much each one costs at various places - so I can spot a deal.  these are lifetime pots.  :svengo: 


I'm also starting to enjoy some cast iron for certain things - not sure how they do on smooth tops

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