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Faith Dean

FLL, WWE, The Creative Writer too much?

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I am looking to get something a little more independent than IEW for my twin dd, ds 7 as well as dd 9. We did Bible Heroes and dd 9 is working reluctantly through SWI-A right now. I'm sold on IEW methodology, but Bible Heroes honestly went right over twins' heads and there isn't really anything that I like between that and SWI-A (tried All Things as well as Fairy Tales and we all struggled not having the video lessons).


We are using FLL and WWE but the kids would really like to do some creative writing. I'm wondering if it would be too much to add WTM Creative Writer into their days. I've got two middle school students as well as a preschooler and toddler so really need something more independent that isn't going to require a ton of prep and assistance.


At these ages, do I really need to worry about adding in more writing to FLL & WWE? We use AAS (which means I skip the dictation portions of WWE) and dd9 is also working through IEW Fix-It. I keep thinking that composition is lacking, but perhaps I can just wait a bit?

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I think The Creative Writer is for high schoolers.  At least that was my impression.


We use WWE (We also skip the dictation part), MCT for grammar, Brave Writer's Jot It Down for creativity (once a month), and Classical Academic Press' Fables for persuasive, and AAS (We do the dictation here.). 

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Creative Writer says it's for middle grades but I haven't used.


The 7 year olds are young for IEW. I'm fairly certain they say second grade at the youngest. I wouldn't be too concerned at all with them doing WWE and FLL with AAS next year. Which books is the 9 year old using? If she is in the first books than I'd say no not enough. If she is doing the third books next year then I'd call it good. Those along with AAS would cover Grammar, Spelling, Dictation, and Narration. If they Really want some creative writing then I'd look at the bravewriter poetry teatime and free writes.


We use CAP's writing and rhetoric series. A motivated kid could do those pretty independently.

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The Creative Writer is intended for jr. high - high school aged students; better with jr. high (IMO), or with a  high school student who needs a very gentle intro to the process of creative writing.  


For younger children, I wouldn't try to make them do creative writing, I would spend more time exposing them to lots of creative writing. Read aloud in copious amounts.  Especially poetry. :)  

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