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short mathy physics module

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Hi all!


My son (who is finishing Ch 7 in AOPS Algebra) just finished his conceptual physics and hubby thinks he should use the remainder of our school year doing math-based physics problems. I studied physics, as did my husband, so we don't need that much support, but I'd rather start with a resource than make it up myself. However, it doesn't need a good teacher's manual or answer key.


Any good ideas for a short math oriented physics study? It could spill over into the summer some. 




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This probably won't fit the bill, but I'll suggest it anyway.  Thinking Physics by Lewis Carroll Epstein.  Um, it isn't very mathy.  It's basically just a bunch of thought experiments in classical physics in Q&A format.  And it's just so much fun.  It would fit the bill for light physics fun over the summer.  (Sorry for the not very relevant recommendation.)  

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This probably won't fit the bill, but I'll suggest it anyway. 



Here's another one: Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics (previously published as Elementary Physics). It's mathy, not too long, and presumably fun (we haven't done it yet, but the other Fred books are, at least if you have a quirky sense of humor), but probably not the thing you're looking for for a kid who's completed algebra. (Sorry for the not very relevant recommendation, but hey, at least it bumps your thread some, and maybe it helps someone else.)

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