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relearning math all over again!

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hello. i am 21 yrs old and when i went to college my first year, i took elementary algebra. hiwever, when i took it, i studied so hard everyday that the tutor was impressed. but i couldnt keep up comprehending. i feel like i have been cheated in highschool for not understanding my math classes. and i really want to do calculus classes too but it will take me so many semesters to get there.

thats why ive decided to re-teach myself math. i want to go all the way up to calculus. any ideas?

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Don't feel bad that's me too.  Sometimes we just aren't developmentally ready for the things they push on us or they rushed through the class because of "deadlines".   I think that's why the first two years of college is basically a repeat of the last two years of high school,

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