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  1. Everyday Arithmetic Primary (3rd and 4th) Everyday Arithmetic Intermediate (5th and 6th) Everyday Arithmetic Advanced (7th and 8th) A Course of Study in Arithmetic, with Answers to the Everyday Arithmetic BTW this was written in 1915 while the above in 1920. It may not match. I am looking for the 1915 version of the series. They did have a book titled First Year in Number probably around 1st/2nd grade going by the Course of Study Book
  2. Teaching Montessori in the Home: the Pre-school Years by Elizabeth G. Hainstock Montessori From the Start by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen
  3. But whole word is phonics just another version. I think Dick and Jane were more Look and Say than whole word.
  4. I've heard the same with synthetic phonics. Either way it's what works for individual children. Not all ways will. Dick and Jane is a good example. I remember having to read those books in Catholic school. I remember thinking the same example he gave. I also remember not relating to the family. My mom taught me to read with a children's bible and other books probably above my age level. I was able to understand bigger more complex sentences compared to Dick and Jane. Though the books did give me confidence in my reading g.
  5. The thing is sight words and Whole Word are two different things as well. Whole Word is just another way to do phonics. It's called Analytic Phonics or Implicit phonics
  6. Great video explaining phonics and whole language. Love that he mentions whole language and whole word is not the same MEANING-FIRST VS. CODE-FIRST READING INSTRUCTION
  7. Books to check out: The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained Philosophy 101
  8. Have you looked into Joy Hakim's books as well? There are some college textbooks that make you want to pull your hair out and some that are great reads. High school.... Well, that is another story. LOL
  9. I've noticed companies like this love to give samples. Usually their less racist or less sexist versions. This tells me these companies know what they are doing. That's why I no longer trust samples. I have to see the full textbook or program before I use it on a child. The fact that someone implied that there were worse out there. Wow! What gets me is the ignoring of teachers who are using this program. Then wonder why schools private and public are having teacher shortages.
  10. I know this happened a couple of years ago. Did no one vet this program before it made it through? This reminds me of the textbooks that had to be recalled because of their it's handling of slavery. It was the parents that said something. Update: apparently they decided against discontinuing the contract.
  11. It's what we (who have gone to school) are used to. I think it's just hard getting away from it. Many homeschool curriculum publishers keep putting grades on their material. It annoys me so much I tell you. That's what Math on the Level did with their program. I wish others would do the same. I don't want to repeat public or private school. Not because I think they are terrible, but because homeschool is a different environment. The curriculum should reflect that.
  12. This is also an interesting find
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