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Reward ideas for a chore chart needed!

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I have the "Choreorganizer" from and I'm looking for ideas for rewards for kids doing chores. My dd is 8.


What they get is a "buck" for doing chores and other duties, but I need ideas for rewards that doesn't always involve buying a toy.


I have "picking out dinner" and tv time earning, because that's an issue with us, but I'm looking for other ideas. We live in the boonies, so going someplace isn't always optimal.


Can you give me some ideas?



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Baking with Mom

Special craft

Trip to park

Family walk

Extra bedtime story

Extra 1/2 hour reading time at night

Sleep over

Go to high school ball game

Plan a family outing

Day off from chores

Camping in living room

Rent video

S'more night

Picnic outing or eat in front of TV

Make your own pizza night

New jigsaw puzzle

Choose breakfast

Extra computer time

Friend over for tea

Outing with Dad

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My dd9 loves fun socks. So last year I bought a couple of packs at Costco, polkadots/stripes etc, and then she would earn a sock or two. It was fun, but practical.


I think we may do the same this year with pjs. She loves pajamas, so I am thinking about cutting a similar pair out of paper (like a paper doll) and then cutting the paper pair into pieces. She can earn a leg or arm, button or pocket, until she earns the whole set, she can't have them!


You could do the same with a board game, letting them earn the men, the cards, the game board, etc.


I have done it with Legos when ds was little. Legos come in little baggies inside the boxes. So, he would earn the baggies!

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Thanks for the great ideas. I was just about to post a question about rewards for a music practice incentive chart. I'm so glad I searched first!!:)

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Here are the rewards my dc get for doing their chores and lessons:






a warm family home to which we all contribute




If they want money, they can earn it by doing extra chores...those I usually do. Otherwise, there are no external rewards or money for chores and school work. :001_smile:


Oh, this sounds so mean and cold. It's not, really! I just can't imagine paying our dc for doing things they are supposed to do. Where would I draw the line? Pay them for brushing their teeth and showering? Sharpening a pencil?


Perhaps I get the title of "Meanest Mom in the South"!

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I have sort of a grab box. Dd is seven. She has 100 spaces on a chore chart and when all 100 are filled with stickers she gets to choose something from the box. They are just little things I pick up at the grocery store or other places. Most of them I would have purchased for her at some point anyway but they make a good incentive.


An electric tooth brush, stickers, markers, water color paints, a little tablet, bubble gum or a small pack of candy, a dollar, sparkly shoe laces, hair stuff, chap stick....

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