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WTMA AOPS Geometry vs WHA Geometry

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I've only been able to find one thread where this was discussed, and it was not discussed in depth. My dd13 is currently in AoPS Number Theory, which is alternatively very easy and very hard for her depending on the lesson. She got halfway through Saxon Alg. II when she gave up and I couldn't help her. I've seen a good recommendation for the WTMA Saxon Geometry teacher, but no discussion on the WTMA AoPS Geometry teacher. I've seen very good reviews for WHA Geometry and am assuming that the teacher is the same for all classes.


She's not a fan of the delivery format of AoPS, so that's out.


So, any ideas???




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We really like WHA geometry. They use an older Jurgenson textbook. It's pretty self explanatory with a b and c level problems. It is proof based, so that make or may not be for you. The teacher does a great job of keeping everyone challenged, but not overwhelmed. My daughter now likes math. That's not what she said after Algebra with me.

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