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Math people yet another precalculus question

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"What you'll learn
Understand, visualize and manipulate different elementary functions, like powers, roots, polynomials, trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions
Understand, visualize and solve equations and inequalities involving these elementary functions
Understand the concept of differentiation and to calculate the derivatives of compositions of elementary functions
Understand the concept of integration and to use some elementary integration techniques


It does cover Trig, probably assumes that you had significant prior exposure.


It is a short course so probably won't be in depth as a full semester.

Give it a spin.

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This is a brief review for students who were educated in another educational system (in which calculus was taught in high school) and are preparing to start university. It would not be suitable as a first exposure. 


First exposure to calculus or precalculus? Would this be appropriate for someone whose been exposed to precalculus, but needs deepening of understanding?


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What do you mean by exposed to precalculus? How much has been done?


If a full precalculus course has already been completed and it has been some time and a brief reminder of "how this works" is necessary it could work. The last two weeks are calculus but if you don't do it for the certificate you could just skip those. But if a full course hasn't been completed the pace is going to be far too rapid for most people to follow. 


I mean, it's free. You could try. Worst thing that happens is that it doesn't work. But I wouldn't make plans predicated on this being sufficient (like registering for a calculus class) until after I saw it work. 

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