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Can you help me brainstorm this please?

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Part of our homeschooling requirements here is to provide two samples of written work. The samples need to be of the same genre, so that I can talk about the progress made between the first and the second and also talk about the resources/activities etc that I used.


Our genre needs to change each year too. We can't just submit poems every year, for example. I need to demonstrate that we're covering a range of writing genres over the years.


I'm feeling a bit stuck this year. Nothing is clearly jumping out at me and I could use some fresh ideas.


In previous years, we've done (and therefore can't use again):


- letter writing 


- recount writing


- poetry


- essay writing



I was thinking maybe narrative writing, but my daughter (just 11) is quite protective (private?) about her story writing these days. And I'd like to respect that if possible. 


I've considered persuasive writing and biography writing, but we're not sizzling with excitement for those. And this girl needs to sizzle to produce her best work. Just going through the paces for the sake of it doesn't work so well. She needs to be genuinely interested.



Do any of you have any brilliant ideas of genres and ideas for two samples?

Ideally I'd get one done in April/May and the follow-up one done in Sept/Oct, giving us a few months to build skills and make sure there is progress to be demonstrated.


Thanks heaps in advance!



ETA: I do have one potential first sample. When I was asking for some excerpts of her novel, she offered instead to write something new (so that she didn't have to share her novel). She wrote a prologue for a story. It's pretty cool. So, any ideas on a follow-up to a prologue would be appreciated too. At this stage I don't think she plans to actually write the story. This was her getting me off her back  :)

The tricky thing is that I don't have a lot to say about resources and activities and how I guided her from that to a potential sample #2. When it comes to her story writing, I leave her be. If I interfered, I'd detract from it, I'm sure. Time and practice are her best resources, I believe. She's not one to use templates. It just flows from her.


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Can you just have her do another narrative piece?  Have her make up her own, "Just so Story" or create short story from a photo or picture.  My thoughts are that then you could compare one narrative piece to another.  Talk about improvement in plot development, the addition of dialogue, word choice, sentence fluency etc. 




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