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Can we talk about history/literature pre-made curriculum for 8th and up

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It seems that most make up their own or pick a textbook and create around that. I've always used Biblioplan. I really like BP. My oldest two liked it too. I am considering a different approach for my last one, going to be 8th next year. I might do a geography, 2 year world, 1 year US. I might do a geography and then a 3 year cycle. I might pick a combination, sticking BP in there for some years and something else for others. Meanwhile I also need to do 8th grade and she wants to study either Modern or American. I think I want to save the Modern Companion from BP for high school. I could create this stuff myself. I have the Human Odyssey series and I've heard good things about American Odyssey. But I'd like to hear if anyone does the "big name' curriculum programs where it's done for you so I don't have to do it myself. I'm eagerly awaiting some options from Guest Hollow but I'm also looking into  others. I'd love to hear from the uses of these programs. I'm going to list them and my likes and concerns about each. 


Heart of Dakota - I like the note booking pages. I worry about the 'overprotectiveness" in book choices. I'm not a person who feels the need to preview a ton of stuff or hide my children from things that aren't Christian. I know HOD is considered super conservative so I'm not sure if we will miss book choices because of the conservative nature of the program. (not a criticism - just a difference of viewpoint). I also know it has science etc but we'd only use history and lit (maybe English)


Sonlight - used it years ago with my oldest. Loved it but didn't stick with it when she got older so I don't have any experience with the upper levels. Like the look of Core 100 (American) and the 20th century core, but if we like Sonlight and want to continue with it there doesn't seem to be 4 years of history (I don't see Church History as something I can use as a main history credit). I'm also unsure of the literature portion. Is it challenging? My daughter has some learning issues but not in reading. 


Bookshark - similar likes and concerns as Sonlight. Obviously they will be replacing the Church history core but I worry about them actually getting product out in time. There were supposed to have two new things out for Fall 2017 and as of yesterday they have said one definitely won't be ready maybe not even at all in 2017/2018 and the other probably won't be. That doesn't bode well for them keeping up a pace to be ready when we'd need it. 


MOH - I've considered using MOH 4 next year and then going back to my BP cycle. Some days this is my favorite options. Other days I don't want to do it at all because MOH always looks good to me when I look at it and then I cringe when I try to use it. Not sure why. 


Tapestry of Grace - I actually own Year 4 but we never used it because it was overwhelming to me and we went with BP that year and stayed there. But I wonder if now that I only have 1 kid if I would be good for this time around so I could save BP year 4 for high school. Any advice on making this useable for a kid who isn't into a lot of discussion?


Any other curriculum options? Any thoughts on my concerns? What have you used and loved when you didn't want to make it yourself?

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We went the DIY route through high school with History and Literature, which worked great for us. :) But here are some more options for your research:


My Father's World (each is 1 year, each uses half of a Ray Notgrass history/lit program + additional resources)

Ancient Lit

World Lit 

American History to 1877

American History from 1877 to present


Trisms (gr. 6-12 -- from a skim of the samples, these look to be best for middle school, "lite" for high school)

- History's Masterminds (overview 3500BC to present)

- Ancient World (3500-500BC)

- Expansion of Civilization (500BC-1500AD

- Rise of Nations (1440-1860)

- Age of Revolution semester 1 (1850-1929)

- Age of Revolution semester 2 (1930-present)


Veritas Omnibus (History, Literature, Theology)

(while scheduled to start in grade 7, these are advanced and you could start in high school)

grade 7 / grade 10 = Omnibus 1 Ancients  / Omnibus IV Ancient World

grade 8 / grade 11 = Omnibus 2 Church Fathers to Renaissance  /  Omnibus V Medieval World

grade 9 / grade 12 = Omnibus 3 Reformation to Present  /   Omnibus VI Modern World


Pandia Press: History Odyssey - level 3

(Early Modern and Modern levels not yet produced for high school/level 3)

- Ancients

- Middle Ages

- American History


SMARR -- literature programs, 2 of which could be coupled with the 2-year History program, so:

A Revolutionary View of History +

Later Renaissance to Romanticism

Realism to Modern Period


Roman Roads -- video lectures; individual subjects, but which can be coupled as History & Lit

History and Literature:

year 1 = Ancient Greeks

year 2 = Ancient Romans

year 3 = Christendom

year 4 = Early Moderns

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Sonlight does have a World History Core now, BTW. 


We have done Tapestry year 4 at the rhetoric (and dialectic) level and really, really enjoyed it.  The history portion is great.  I didn't *love* the literature portion b/c I felt the books were overly depressing--which I guess comes with a 20th century focus.  I also feel like the rhetoric level lit is a bit overcomplicated for even an honors level ninth grader (although I liked it for 10th grade--outsourced).  My next year's ninth grader is using Illuminating Literature for Lit instead of TOG.


I have friends who have used the HoD geography this year and it has gone really well.


I also recommend MFW as something to look like.

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