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Help me choose writing for 8th grader

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My daughter has been doing IEW for almost 5 years. She writes an adequate paragraph from a Key Word Outline, She has that down fairly well.  She struggles alittle with language. It just doesnt flow easily and needs a bit of editing to make sense.When she tries to say something in a different way it is basicall the same. But I find what she really struggles with is creating when there is no structure to write from. And also the assignments that require some higher level thinking skills. She does writing "class" with a friend 4 days a week (the other mom teaches cuz I'm terrible a writing myself)


She will be in 8th grade next year and will go to public high school for 9th. (her friend will be in 7th but is a strong writer)  For my older son we used WWS1 and it seemed to work well in helping understand the structure of writing.  But it seemed to lack in the "Invention stage" So I was looking at Lost tools of Writing because how it says that helps alot with the invention stage. My brother in law says it gives good tools that they can access to begin the writing progress. I liked the sample video I saw alot, but worry about implementing it. (we are no prep kind of people) We would probably just sit and all watch the teacher video together then attempt the lesson.  And I worry that it could get alittle to repetitive. It just feels bigger and scarier to me.


I like WWS because it is laid out exactly what to do each day. and There are teacher helps so that even I feel like I could teach it.  I just dont know if it is enough for getting her over that hump. Would Level 2 be better? Is there any sort of exit test for WWS like there is for WWE to see if she had the skills alreadly for level 1 and we could go deeper with 2?


Do you think one of these would work? or work better?

Is there another program out there that you would suggest?





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I am really liking WriteShop right now, but that is not really "low prep."  Honestly, I'm not good at prepping, but I do need to "teach," so I need some prep!


As far as the WWS is concerned, I think that if you sign up for one of the classes at TWTM Academy, you can submit a paper for their teachers to review to tell you where to place a child.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ooq1MkiXIe5C_8JloT9CaAmc85U66f0-QT_lVYr0rQU/edit



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For invention I recommend LTOW! It really helps with Invention!!! In level one the focus is the persuasive essay (vs WWS which is the expository essay). LTOW has strong teacher support (teacher guide, videos, yahoo group) too. The program builds skills in the the cannons of invention, arrangement (organization), and elocution (style). each essay is developed over 3 week'S time (9 essays in the level/year), and new skills for each canon are added with each essay.


The thing I am really liking about this program (we are just over half way through) is that it isn't solely about writing, but it is training in the thinking. Who cares if you can write a nice paragraph if you don't have anything meaningful to say? This really shows you how to get the gears turning to THINK about an issue as part of writing about an issue.

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My ds has been using Beyond the Book Report Season 3 from Analytical Grammar this year at our co-op. It's been a real stretch for both of us, but I've been glad for the challenge. He has used IEW for several years, and I teach IEW classes at the elementary/early middle school level. There are actually 3 seasons, but we only used Season 3 because this was for 8th-12th graders. 


It included literary analysis essays, personal essays (such as for college applications), SAT essays, oral presentations, and research papers. 



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