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Good kids Audio books on cd, sell or keep?


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Have spent a year downsizing & purging stuff.


I have a big box of audio books on cd in great condition (most only listened to once or once & then put on iPods). Big kids have outgrown them, little kids still have many years before they are ready for them... Ranging from all the SOTW volumes, to the Ramona series, the Little House on the prairie set, Narnia, Focus on the family ones, etc.


Such good books & I hate reading aloud, I admit.

But CDs are a pain to deal with, transport, store..l could sell them for some needed cash now and get books on audible (or whatever's around when the littles get old enough) later.


Help me decide :) thanks

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IF you copy them to digital format, you should not sell the CDs. I'd sell the CDs and plan to replace the ones you still want when your kids are old enough.

That's a good point. I never think of that as I don't sell anything - I donate or give away via freecycle, or trash/recycle if it can't be used, so that wouldn't have been on my radar. I was just running with OP's question about selling, and didn't think! Thanks.

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