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My plan for 9th grade is to do biology over the summer then a second science elective during the year.


DS likes working with his hands. He does origami, grows plants, knits, build balsa wood towers and wind turbines. He is also the kid who doesn't get scared off by the physics events in Science Olympiad.


What fun or interesting ideas so people have. Links to specific curriculum would be great.


Eta: Even if you don't know a specific curriculum but have ideas of areas to study that would be great.

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Two of my kids did a robotics course for a half credit and we extended it to a full credit with the addition of electronics for my youngest. 


Robotics and Electronics w/ lab:  A one year laboratory course using Understanding Modern Electronics by Professor Richard Wolfson, from The Teaching Company. The student used AOP’s Lifepacs for Science Grade 12: Units 6 & 7. The student read Michael Faraday: Physics and Faith by Colin A. Russell. The student viewed the BBC series: Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity. The course also included fischertechnik mobile and stationary robotics utilizing the fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab and Electropneumatic packages. The student built fifteen models involving sketching, documentation, mechanical, electronic and sensor systems. Computer coding using the ROBO Pro software was used to program the robots. In addition, the student built several robots of her own design. (1 credit) (10th grade)


She also did aerospace: 

Aerospace Science w/lab:  Textbook course covering the principles of aircraft flight and navigation, the history of aviation, development of air power, contemporary aviation, human requirements of flight, cultural and global awareness, geography, the space environment, space programs, space technology, rocketry, propulsion, the aerospace industry, and survival. Text: Aerospace: the Journey of Flight by Barb Privulick & Jeff Montgomery (2nd ed.) Additional texts: The God Machine: from Boomerangs to Black Hawks by James R. Chiles, and Rise of the Rocket Girls: the Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars by Nathalia Holt, and video Apollo 13 (1995). Lab work done with Out to Launch. (1 credit) (11th grade)


What about a Master Gardener class? 



Wow, Margaret! I just wanted to chime in and tell you these courses sound so much fun. I want to do them myself.

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Syllabus / support materials for intro to Aviation https://sites.google.com/a/westmichiganaviation.org/vanderlugt/home/introduction-to-aviation/syllabus


Intro to Engineering might be a dual credit option. Most schools that offer Engineering have this course. You could look at what they are doing or save it for dual credit.


Physics and Chem can be pretty hands on. Quality Science Labs kits have enough labs to do one a week, I think.



Intro to solar science? Research and then build a functioning panel? Or wind turbine. I think those might be better after an intro physics course.


Check into Sea Perch. There might be something 1/2 credit worthy there.

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