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Figuring out Third grade humanities


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I have a 6 year old who is a rising first grader. She's really not ready to "do" history so I'm thinking of doing the Kindergarten year from Build Your Library for a world geography emphasis. She's otherwise going to continue BFSU for Science and do first grade Math and Language Arts.


However, I have an 8 year old rising third grader that I think needs a break from history. She did Build Your Library but only the literature and poetry for grades 1 and 2 paired with History Odyssey level 1 Ancients and Medieval. I think it has become too much work for her, so to give her a rest before doing Early Modern, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be fun to do the geography & lit with her younger sister from K. It seems like she'd enjoy just reading around the world. I just worry that it wouldn't be age appropriate plus we have read some of the books before.


How would you age UP the kindergarten year for a third grader? She can read some of the books independently but the point would be for us to have a more laid back cuddle time approach to our humanities. Would you just require narrations and copywork? I could choose poetry from the Harp and Laurel Wreath which we own. My other thought was to maybe just beef up the geography with an Evan Moore daily geography workbook for her. Or I've also been eyeing the Intelligo world geography unit studies, which I could spread out over the year, and just do the Build Your Library literature, but I haven't tried those before so I don't know if they're too much work for what I'm contemplating.


Other thoughts or suggestions?

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You could make a "task card" for each country you visit and just go through your various resources.

Visit websites like National Geographic for Kids and Time for Kids, both of which have a world geography section with info about various countries.

Amazon Prime has streaming video about kids living in different parts of the world. In each video a kid gives a narrated tour of their lives.

Disney has a great book called Our World that has a lot more info than Children Just Like Me. There's also Usborne Peoples of the World. I have the Internet Linked version which gives you even more sites to visit. Here's the master link for all their websites: http://www.usborne.com/quicklinks/eng/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&loc=usa&area=G&subcat=GPE&id=5083

There are tons of good read-alouds and audiobooks. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for China, Flying the Dragon for Japan, The White Giraffe for Africa, Whale Rider for New Zealand...

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