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Feeling old...


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...and it was after my time.



Where's my cane???????


no kidding.  I'm feeling on the ancient side . . .


Ahem. 1981. Year I graduated high school.


My most recent "I feel old" moment came when we decided to watch Twister last week, in honor of Bill Paxton, and I realized it came out in 1996.





I was pregnant with my first child.


me too.


oh - and I had FOUR children in 1996. . . .


Yeah, I felt old the other day when i talked to my class about 9/11.   I asked them if they remembered how the nation came together.  They gave me a blank look, then one of them told me, " But Mrs. xxxxx, I was only 1 year old then!"


Didn't 9/11 happen yesterday????


I dropped my youngest at school - and dealt with frantic calls from 1dd - who was in college in upstate NY and freaking out.  but classes were cancelled (were for the rest of that week), the school lost alumnae,  at last one student lost a parent, staff and students lost family members/friends.


2dd had a future college friend who was in high school in lower manhatten . .


we can see the air traffic pattern from our house.  it was so weird to not see any airplanes.  the first day they started flying again - I just stared.

I was enjoying Laurence Welk with my parents in my youth. Tommy the dancer was my favourite, and Rose Milk cream kept one singer's face really smooth. 😄


please no . . . torture . . . my grandmother's favorite show . . . grandpa and I would go elsewhere . . .



Of course, I also love the University professor that was going to start is on an introduction to the Metric System..... We were (the main part of the class anyway) the cohort that had been in Kindergarten when the Metric system was made the system of measurement in Canada. We had units introducing us to the Metric system every single year in elementary school.




we did that too.  every year, big huge units on the metric system, all through elementary school.


What are you youngsters complaining about? I graduated from high school 35 years ago! It's good to know I have a couple of contemporaries here. My oldest was 5 on September 11th. I was just reminding my family that today is the 13th anniversary of the Madrid commuter train bombings, my youngest was only 3 weeks old at the time.


I'll be celebrating my 35th anniversary this year . . . . next month.

my oldest was a freshman in college on 9/11. (in upstate NY)

funny how we date things . . . 2dd was 3months old for the challenger disaster.  she's now married, owns her own home, and has a doctorate.

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A preschooler called my DAUGHTER old the other day. It was a first for her. I guess I'm ancient now.


we've gotten so used to people thinking dd is dudeling's mom - and I'm grandma .. . doesn't faze anyone anymore.  depending upon the situation - I might say "he's mine".  (she's the sister.  and is she ever glad!  she can give him back!)


Superhero streaks!



 I had kids in elementary school when MTV went on the air. 


Went to an antique mall recently with my DD.  She was cracking up at how much stuff she finds that is or was in my house.  


I love her anyway.

you know, they're nostalgic.  rotary dial phones, I keep thinking how I wanted a tyco (lego knock-off) phone . . . but, now the phones double as intercoms . . . and it seems so primitive.

but 1ds recently reminded me that he was taking apart and putting back together computers in new and different ways when he was nine . . .no, . . .you weren't that young.  "yes mom, I was".

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