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The Teachers Lounge 2-17-2017


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It's Friday and I'm not ready!


Welcome to the Lounge! come put your feet up, enjoy some refreshment, some conversation, 

or just lean back, relax, and close your eyes for a bit!


Who's NOT ready for Friday or the weekend? Here: ME! I feel like this week went so fast with not much getting 

accomplished. Hmm. Maybe I should write down what I DO accomplish each day so I can see when something actually DOES get done!


Any plans for the weekend? Here: well today the kids have theater class. While they're there I would like to get their lesson plans done for NEXT week, when I'll be out of town. Sometimes it just doesn't get done, though. There are a couple of places I'd like to go this weekend, for a day trip, but money (for gas) is really short right now. *sigh* But oh, how I could use some green therapy!


Anyone besides me traveling soon?


Talk to me! :bigear:

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I'm so ready for Friday!


The only plans I have for the weekend is to relax and maybe clean something. The stress inducing child is gone and I want to enjoy being fully stress free, lol.


What do consider traveling? We'll be going to visit my DH's sister soon but, somehow I just don't consider that traveling.

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No weekend plans other than to hope that the snow holds through the weekend so the skiing stays good.  Skiing was perfect last night (I was out while DD15 went to softball practice) so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  


I have to travel for business in a couple of weeks.  I hate travelling for business - long days, business clothes, long plane rides.  The happy note is that at the end of this trip I am jaunting off to visit oldest DS for the weekend.  We saw him at Christmas so it hasn't been so long, but he is looking forward to showing off his new apartment and air force base so I can see the planes he is flying.


I'm going to get two-three weeks of plans cranked out for DD15 so that we have everything covered while I travel.  She is actually wrapping up a couple of subjects early (English/History) so I need to haul out some good classics and some nonfiction for her to read when she runs out of things to do.

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