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I just had my 12 year old work through key to fractions as a review. I think she probably could have used them when she was first learning fractions at a younger age, but it is a bit dry and there are more interesting ways of learning fractions the first time around. It does go through fractions conceptually from beginning to end in the four workbooks.


I am not sure it would have been enough built in review for her if it had been the first time around, but she does need a lot of review in math. For a kid that just gets stuff and doesn't forget it then it might be enough. We have not used decimals yet but I plan to use those as a review as well. I think most people use them as a review/supplement and not as a full curriculum but I could be mistaken!

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The "usual" age for these is grades 4-8, either as a supplement while learning the concepts, or for those students needing a review, or for those students needing to "get solid" with the topics if the topics didn't click the first time around. Also useful for high school ages as a gentle/incremental remedial resource. We used the Keys to Fractions, Decimals, and Percents as a supplement to the "spine" math program in grades 6-7 with DS who struggled a LOT with math (mild LD with abstract math topics).


Because the series does include a lot of work with all 4 functions (add/subtract/multiply/divide) your 3rd grader may be a bit young for these, unless the 3rd grader is already very solid with all 4 functions, esp. multiplication and division.

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