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  1. Are you able to look inside of the book at Costco? If you go to the Singapore website you can view samples. I think if she can do addition and subtraction then 1a would be fine.
  2. My son is mid to high functioning ASD. Our OT had told us the same things. We never used the manipulatives for HWT. And tbh I didn't realize there were manipulitives. My sons biggest problem was holding the pencil wrong. I CNT even explain it, I guess in a way he held it as you explained. When we did our writing he had to hold the pencil correctly and when doing assignments. It was a constant trouble. He could hold pencil how he wanted when drawing...a yr later(Now) he finally holds the pencil correctly all the time. He's 11 btw. Just wanted to share our story with you.
  3. I was planning in using it as supplement for those topics. I have 2 5th graders and a 3rd grader.
  4. Are these supplements for upper grades or any children struggling with those concepts?
  5. Is this different than first language lessons? In any case I'm so glad you posted this!
  6. $99 sounds like a steal. ThNks for posting. I'm going to look into this.
  7. I'm researching different math programs. I'd prefer a mastery based program. I do not like math mammoth for myself. Currently using abeka which we've just started. I'm having to skip a lot so far because sooo much review. So I'm thinking bju. 3rd grade to be exact or maybe 4. Tia
  8. Do you mean history odyessy? Have you tried rainbow resource center? A brighter child?
  9. Is Singapore 3a equivalent to abeka 3?
  10. I've done a lot of reading and I see that a lot of people switch math curriculum after abeka arithmetic after grade 3. Can someone clue me into as why? Are there some of you that have stuck with it for longer? Thank you :-)
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