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The Great Backyard Bird Count starts Friday! (Feb. 17-20)


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Fun! We participated a couple of times.

Today we could hear a lot of different birds singing. We have trees, are in town on a very small lot, surrounded by mostly the same.

We spotted very fat robins, tufted titmice, cardinals, baby meadowlarks, and wrens.

Oh, the guy that used to live here left his bird feeders and they must be old customers and family. 

I'd better get some fresh stuff out for them! Except those darn squirrels will try to take it all! I did get a book out of the library last week called Squirrel Wars.

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ok, I looked at the link.

I saw a woodpecker in a neighbor's yard last week. I wonder who will show up for the count.


The first time I ever did it, I had spotted 7-9 cedar waxwings. I had never seen them before and had lived in the same area most of my life. These birds look awesomely awesome, like handsomeness wearing sunglasses. (If you don't like birds, you probably don't appreciate that remark). I called the bird society in our county and reported it because I don't think I had a bird book at the time.

The volunteer on the other end told me that cedar waxwings generally hang around in the orchards of the area where I lived (southern PA). 




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