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Fitbit Charge 2 help


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DH bought me a Charge 2 recently for my birthday. I've been wearing it almost constantly ever since, only taking it off to shower, do dishes, and lately through the night as well. It seems to work fine, but ..... it's leaving a red mark on my arm which doesn't seem to be going away. I'm not wearing it tight, although it doesn't slip around, but the mark stays on my arm even long after I've taken it off. I took it off around 3pm today, haven't put it back on yet, and the redness is still there.


Also - and this is the weird part - it's leaving marks on my arm in the area where it touches. There are two small spots that aren't just red or worn - there are visible small holes in the skin and the skin is a different texture, on one side it's shiny like a burn. They don't line up with the sensor-things on the Fitbit, but they are where it touches the skin.


Is this normal? My DS has a Charge 2 as well and while he has a red mark on his arm from where it touches, it's not permanently there. He's been wearing his probably twice as long as I've had mine and he doesn't have the little holes in his arm.


I am allergic to some metals (I get a rash after prolonged wear), so would that be the problem? It doesn't appear to be metal, but maybe it's reacting in a kind-of similar way?


It's too expensive to just toss in a draw as a wasted purchase. Should I try to return it to Amazon where we bought it, or contact Fitbit? And if I did, what should I say? I don't want to not have it because I like the activity tracker, but I don't really want to wear it either!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I tend to be sensitive to plastics/contact sensitive, so when I got a Flex 2 fitbit I decided to forego the sleep study part of its features, and purchased a sterling bangle to wear most of the time.  I am reserving the plastic wristband for swimming and boating, because I know I tend to get sensitized to tight, nonpermeable plastics in contact with my skin, so I want to postpone that as long as possible.  Bonus--the bangle is really cute!  


There is a leather wristband for the Charge 2, and if I really wanted to use it, I'd have to buy that:


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Im also allergic to metals, and I have honestly not had a big problem with my Charge2. The only place I got a red mark that was irritated was from the little loop that holds the band end down. I bought a simple silicone replacement and cut the other one off.


I wear mine loose enough that the metal around the sensor area isn't really touching my skin. I do have a square divot in my wrist from having warn a fitbit for so long (I had the charge HR before this), but it is not red and irritated.


If it is the band that is bothering you, I would look for a replacement of a different material. If it is actually the sensor, I would first try and rub it down in case you have something that might be causing the irritation on it. If that didn't work, I think you would need to return it. If you still want a fitbit, I would get the Flex2 as it can be completely encased in a material that doesn't bother you. the bummer about Flex2 is that it doesnt do hr. The bonus is you can wear it in water.

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Thank you! I hadn't thought about the band being a problem. I'll look at other bands and see if that helps!


The little "holes" ended up being skin that had worn off. They looked like holes yesterday, but after not wearing it for half a day and a night they are now just flat, round dots on my arm. Which is still weird! They don't line up with the sensors, but there are three (not two) of them and they line up with the three little copper-colored dots on the back of the Charge. 🙠The redness did go away overnight, but the dots are still there.


I'll also try cleaning it and see if that helps.


Thanks for the suggestions!

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