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Linked In for Retiring Homeschool Moms

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I'm on LinkedIn, too. I didn't have much volunteer work to mention. If I had done volunteer work, I definitely would have featured it on my profile. I don't hide the fact that I homeschool, bit it isn't highlighted on my profile. I've not found any jobs using LinkedIn, but I have found individuals who will share tips and advice with me. 


On a related note, I came across this article on "returnships" today:

"Darcie Lamond left an executive-level business and consulting position at a major financial services company to raise her family. A decade later, when she was ready to rejoin the workforce in 2014, she had trouble finding a job."




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My husband was a SAHD from 2003-2010. I couldn't remember what we put on his LinkedIn but I checked, and we didn't put anything. I know we explained in the cover letters we sent out.


He was an IT guy so having experience that was 7 years old was hard, but he ended up getting a job right away with a local company who had old technology they needed to upgrade. It was a unique opportunity and he got promoted pretty quickly and has been the IT manager now for several years, having proven himself and driven them to adopt modern technology.

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Are you using the volunteer section or listing it as part of your employment background? The volunteer section did not work for me because I moderate a secret group and did not want to announce it publicly.


Anyway, my volunteer section under employment background is brief. I mentioned that I helped set up and moderate homeschool groups, gave a rough idea of member count (from 100-1,500 depending on group) and listed some of what I do as group owner/ co-mod. I also added some separate info about coaching/ helping people set up their homeschool high school plans.

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I list my work jobs, which end in 2002, then this:



Director, 40L
2010 - Present (7 years) X Area

Nonprofit Director. Volunteer literacy tutor since 1994. Creates 40L's educational material. Conducts classes for 40L, working in conjunction with churches and para-church organizations throughout the United States. 40L has no paid staff and is run entirely by volunteers.


(I went with 2010 - present because that is the year we incorporated as a non-profit.)


I also joined "The Nonprofit Times" group but don't read much of it or post to the group.  

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