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McRuffy Math-opinions, please


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We used it for grades 1 and 2.  The curriculum is *not overwhelming*, has short lessons, the pages are colorful and have a friendly vibe, it's hands-on, uses lots of manipulatives, and games are scheduled into the lesson plans.  The teacher's guide spells out everything you need to do for each lesson.  It's idiot-proof.  


I moved on because of testing pressure from the homeschool-charter we were with at the time, but I really wish we'd continued.  I still have fond memories of that curriculum :) 

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I used McRuffy with my youngest two. The older moved on to Beast Academy at level 3 after McRuffy 1 & 2. Beast is a much better fit for her super-math-y love. She always wanted more math than McRuffy.


I have continued McRuffy with my youngest. She's done K, 1, 2, and 3. She's currently in 4. She calls math her favorite subject. It's got short, colorful lessons complete with manipulatives and games. But even with the "fun" aspect, it is a pretty solid curriculum, complete with tests, fact review, and mental math, as you get into the upper levels. She's doing very well with it.

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I've only used McRuffy K. I like it for its variety, its hands-on nature, how short the lessons are, how there are a lot of games (that you can use over & over if you want), and how shapes are covered so well.


I've modified it each time I've used it. (I've used it twice.) I tend to include more review than it suggests (just spiral back around through games or the sheets they give you to cover). There are some things that my kids don't like a whole lot, like the memory cards. We do them some, but don't pound them to death (because we do memory work with poetry). 


My youngest keeps the tote that still has all the material (books, laminated sheets, games, hands-on stuff) from the K level in his room so he can pull things out & look at them or play with them. (I think he wants to make sure I don't give it away.)


We already had a 1st-6th grade math program to use, so I didn't use anything after the K level.

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