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Peach reading sheet

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Hoping someone here can help me. My nephew is in public school. He was in a special reading class using a peach overlay sheet to help him read until this year. This year the school moved him out of that class and took away his peach sheet. He is failing. His parents went to the school and asked to buy one for him to use, but the school refused. I have no idea why or really what it is- it's supposed to help him focus on the words better. Can someone's help me find a peach sheet so I can buy 2 or 3 for him?

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This sounds like Irlen syndrome.


I think maybe google that.


Is there any way the parent can contact his previous teacher for more information? I think that would be the way to get the same item he is used to.


Otherwise I think it might be trial and error to find what works for him.


Another thing is he may be sensitive to lighting, like fluorescent lighting.

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Have they requested (in writing) an evaluation? Start with that. Why on earth would they refuse a sheet of colored plastic? Ridiculous! Expect delays on everything, which is why it's important to start the process in writing. Research on Wrights Law what the timetables are and hold them to it!

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