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Subtraction Facts that Stick Book


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looking at getting the 

Subtraction Facts that Stick book.  It is expensive at 18$ on amazon and there is a pdf  version on WTM store for 14$.  I have never bought a pdf book, how does it work?  does anyone have it?  which format is better the pdf or the book version? thanks
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I don't have the subtraction one, but I do have the addition one. I tend to be more of a printed book sort of person. (I was at a conference once where somebody referred to a printed book as an analog book. :huh:) Anyhoo, I am tempted to get the pdf of the subtraction one once we get to that point, because then you can easily print out the worksheets and whatever game boards there are. If you have a laptop or tablet handy, I think it would be relatively easy to read off the screen. The content is easily digested, so it's not like trying to read War & Peace off a screen.

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