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Derek Owens vs. Lial

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My dc is using Lial BCM now, but I'm not sure I want to stick with Lial.  I'm wondering how Derek Owens' pre-algebra course compares to the Lial BCM and Pre-Algebra texts.  Has anyone compared them? 


Likewise, have you compared DO's Algebra 1 vs. Lial Introductory Algebra? 


Thanks for any info you can share.








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I have used both.  The biggest difference is that DO adds in beginning algebra stuff throughout the course (making the connection between arithmetic and algebra more apparent) whereas Lial only adds it in at the end (there is a chapter about it).  


My son loved DO's prealgebra because he felt like he was learning something new and I appreciated that it gave him a review of arithmetic in a way that didn't offend him (because he "already knew" it).


DO Algebra I and Lial Introductory Algebra are both strong.  However, DO Algebra 2 is a *much* stronger course than Lial Intermediate Algebra.  You can see my detailed comparison here (see post 8).

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I haven't used both programs at the prealgebra or algebra 1 level, but I've used Lial's with my son for algebra 1, 2 and now precalculus and I've used DO with my dd for algebra 2 and now precalculus. My kids are very different learners.


If I were trying to decide between the two, I might think about what kind of math program my child did better with in elementary. I would compare Lial's to something like R&S or CLE, and DO's to Rightstart or Singapore. My more concrete learner has excelled with Lial's and will likely take calculus at the CC next year as his final math class. I doubt he would have ever made it that far if I had used something like DO with him. My dd, who is more if a conceptual learner, switched from Saxon to DO and now spends half the time on math but enjoys and understands it so much better. She will also take calculus next year.

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Thanks.  Did your dc do both Lial's BCM and Pre-algebra?  I'm wondering if it would be a better choice to drop Lial and start DO pre-algebra now.  Dc is doing well the review in BCM, but I don't think it's challenging enough. 


I have used BCM at various times but I wouldn't say that either of my children used it as a primary program.  We never used Lial's Prealgebra and I have never seen it.  


For a decent math student, I would go with DO.  

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