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Great deal on generic epi-pens


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Wanted to share if someone needed an epitpen. One of my children needs an epi_pen, which is not covered by insurance.


We read about the new $109 generic epi_pen at CVS and decided to try it. Then we found this coupon. https://sservices.trialcard.com/Coupon/Epinephrine

The coupons we have seen in the past covered the prescription deductible, and it didnt work for us since the epipen is not covered. This coupon seemed like it would work, and it did.


Total price $9.99 for twin pack of generic coupons.

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That's fantastic! Thanks!


How do you like the device?


We have a different generic, picked up last fall. I dislike it intensely. First, there are two blue tabs to remove, top and bottom - so I fear confusion when people used to epipen see it in a panic. Hopefully they won't be panicking but always good to prep for the worst. It looks very different from an epipen, so I worry that there will be moments of panic.


But much worse than that - the case falls open all the time. So I'll open my purse or DS's epipen belt and find the thing floating around out of it's case. Ick! Feels unsanitary. And I worry the tabs will fall off and it will stick someone.


I would be so happy to find an alternative that feels more solid, doesn't require more steps, and doesn't just fall open. :)

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