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help piece this world history together....please

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I am hoping to use Great Course's DVDs for world history...but I would like to pair those with something else...something...like workbook, but for high school. Something that doesn't scream elementary school, but my kids do work better if they can write down things that they learned...but not just writing essays on things they read either.  Does that sort of make sense?


If you used the Great Course DVD's, what else did you use to make a full credit HS class?





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I agree with you.  what would you use for quizzes/tests?


I don't give quizzes or tests.

For history, I have my students write essays/research papers. I care much more about getting them to think historically and express themselves well in their argument than about regurgitation of facts.

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what might be a good, readable history book that isn't too dry and boring.  My kids don't really like history that much to begin with so I really want to find a great text that they might at least tolerate...even better, like reading. 


I really liked the text recommended in an old edition of TWTM, A Brief history of Western Civilization by John Harrison and Richard Sullivan. I found it very well written, with consecutive text and no distracting boxes, side bars, colored factoids.


With DS, we used Spielvogel which is a fairly standard text. Quite good.

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