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Looking for suggestions-Chemistry for a 3rd grader.


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My nine year old has requested that we study Chemistry.  I would love to plan something along the lines of 8filltheheart's Homeschooling at the Helm  book.  I am looking for suggestions in terms of books or other resources that you may have used in coming up with a unit on Chemistry.  The skills we will be working on will include outlining and forming paragraphs.



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Just a quick thought/opinion here, but many Chemistry topics might be a bit difficult to use as the material for outlining/forming paragraphs... It might be a lot easier to start with biographies of Scientists for outlining and then forming paragraphs, and then see if it works to transfer those new skills to outlining/writing about chemistry processes. JMO. :)


As far as creating your own unit, below are some possible resources that would work for creating your own Chemistry Science unit -- most are grade 3-6, some are grade 4-8. BEST of luck in finding what best fits your student, your Science studies, and your LA/Writing goals! :) Warmest regards, Lori D.


Chemistry Topics:

- elements and the periodic table

- atoms and molecules

- states of matter (solid, liquid, gas)

- evaporation / condensation

- water (floating, sinking, cohesion, etc.)

- reactions

- pH / acid / base

- mixtures /solutions / suspension


Chemistry Programs:

- The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe (McHenry) -- secular

- Simple Chemistry (Evan-Moor) -- secular

- Christian Kids Explore: Chemistry (Ridlon) 

- R.E.A.L. Science 4 Kids -- Christian


Books (info)

- Chemicals in Action: Acids and Bases (Oxlade)

- Material Matters: Acids and Bases (Baldwin)

- The Periodic Table: Elements with Style (Dingle)

- DK Eyewitness Books: Chemistry (Newmark/Buller)

- Dempsey-Parr Science Encyclopedia -- gr. 3-6

(2-page spreads on 15 different chemistry topics + 6 chemistry experiments)


Books (experiments)

- Adventures with Atoms and Molecules -- 5 book series (Mebane)

- Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 Formulas That Fizz, Foam, Splatter & Ooze (Rhatigan)

- No Sweat Science: Chemistry Experiments (Loeschnig)

- Fizz, Bubble & Flash: Element Explorations & Atom Adventures (Brandolini)

- Science Experiments You Can Eat (Cobb) 

- Janice Van Cleave's Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments (Van Cleave)



Chem 4 Kids (gr. 4-8)

Kids Online Resource -- list of chemistry websites



Science in a Nutshell: Investigating Matter Cluster

- Wild Goose 3-in-1 chemistry kits

     Slippery Slime Time

     Super Bounce Putty

     pH Fun




Bill Nye The Science Guy

- Phases of Matter

- Chemical Reactions

- Do It Yourself Science

- Atoms and Molecules

- Fluids


Magic School Bus:

- Ready Set Dough (kitchen chemistry)

- In A Pickle (microbes / biological chemistry) 

- Gets Planted (photosynthesis / biological chemistry)

- Meets Molly Cule (molecules)

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