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Frozen pork chops from October 2014 that were defrosted in the fridge and eaten quickly? I'm trying to cook using up the contents of my freezer using the oldest stuff first.


Small organic carrots with a use by date of 1/16/17 that have been in the fridge and are not slimy? I would be steaming these? I think I've had theae for a month!


Thanks so much!

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Thanks all! I checked the defrosted pork chops this morning (they are tonight's dinner) and I'm amazed there isn't any noticeable freezer burn. I had re-wrapped them really well before freezing -- gotta love those huge packs of pork chops from Costco -- so maybe that helped. We shall see how they taste...


I don't usually buy a huge bag of carrots (also Costco), but I was in a rush right before Christmas and I picked up what was handy while I was already out. We're gonna be eating a lot of carrots in the next week -- LOL.


Thanks again!

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