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What test will this be?


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For my son to continue with a "gifted" designation, his DL school does a full psych-ed every 5 years. (It has to do with government funding and having to prove that it is still necessary, just like with any special-ed student.)


He will redo this in March. Last time he did it (at 7 years old) it took hours and hours and hours - maybe 10, in all? They did a WISC and WAIT.


This year it is scheduled for all of 3 hours, with the feedback session directly afterwards. Last time we had to wait weeks for the results. 


What test might they do this time in such a short amount of time?




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That's about how long our WISC took (3 hours). Not sure what WAIT is, so maybe it took most of the time and/or if he was dragging or needing a lot of breaks they could have both just taken longer than usual.

ETA: And did we get unofficial results immediately (after a short break), with official results and a full writeup sent within a week.

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WISC-V by itself doesn't take long. When my kids were in public charter, they used the annual state standardized tests results and did not need us to do the WIAT test. My oldest also did not want any break so he just did all the sections of WISC-IV continuously. My youngest however took a jumping jack break and snack break after each section so by the time he finished the last section, the tester has already scored all the other sections.

My youngest was also observed longer because he is fidgety and a day dreamer. The tester repeats the instructions once per section because the tester is not sure if he heard it. They were observing for ADHD at the same time. My oldest is very intense so the testers won't worried that he did not hear the instructions.



For 2nd grade (7 years old) state testing, the teacher reads all the questions so it took forever because my kid had to wait for the teacher to read. From 3rd grade onwards, he gets to read his own test booklet and he finished very fast as he is fast at reading. My younger also reads faster than a tester normally reads.

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