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Hands-on, easy to implement early elementary science?


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That is NOT bfsu. Have it, tried it (several times) - and it's not happening.


This is for a science-LOVING almost 8 year old boy who has suspected dyslexia (reading at about a kindergarten level) and medical special needs, also struggles with writing, dislikes history, but enjoys math and science.


I also have two other kids (DD15 and DS4), both of whom are also special needs, so it needs to be easy to implement. Would Sassafras fit the bill at all? Any other suggestions? He enjoys read alouds, but he wants more--badly--and left to my own devices I will not tie in any hands-on activities to the read alouds (not even kits - I want something laid out for me).

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Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build & Test (Kaleidoscope Kids): Carol A. Johmann, Elizabeth Rieth, Michael P. Kline: 9781885593306: Amazon.com: Books

along with the K'nex bridges kits (smaller and larger). Love k'nex kits.


Developing Critical Thinking Through Science/Book 2 Grade 4-6 (#8703): June Main, Paul Eggen: 9780894554223: Amazon.com: Books as sort of a daily warm-up


Science 4 Online with Books (4th ed.) | BJU Press Homeschool


Amazon.com: The Science of Disney Imagineering: Energy Classroom Edition [interactive DVD]: Asa Kalama, Disney Educational Productions: Movies & TV There's a whole series of these. Ds really liked them.


I like the looks of the Nancy Larson science when I've seen it at conventions. Doesn't go up very high, but the levels she has are good.


My ds has been using with his ABA worker a cool kit she found at Hobby Lobby. That kind of stuff can really work! It's just right for this age, very structured. It's something they do REALLY well with. REALLY well. Like I'm kinda thwacking myself and asking why I'm not buying more of these kits, lol.


You are doing basics like letting him watch Outrageous Acts of Science, right? :D



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Mystery Science requires no reading and is just right for the age. You have to prep by having supplies on hand for the hands on portion of each activity.

Mystery science is really perfect for us. Even the prep has been almost nothing. It is basically open and go for us, and my girls love it. Seriously, the beg to do science.

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