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Uber App help

Night Elf

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My dd needs to update the credit card in her Uber account but the app won't work right. It keeps freezing up. When she did manage to get it changed and call a ride, it had reset to the expired one. Thank goodness her roommate called the ride for her and a ride home, but what about next time? She's away at school and depends on Uber.

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Well, we added a new credit card and deleted the first one. Then put the original one back in with the new expiration date and CVV number and deleted the added card so it's back to the original credit card account. It did take it as a payment method so hopefully it will work for her when she needs a ride.


Also strange, the first time she tried the app it said the ride was $5.00 then the second time she did it and it said $10.20. Her roommates account only charged $5.00 so hopefully dd's account goes back to charging her only $5. The rides are never far.


If it doesn't work the next time she tries to use it, I'll have her reset it.

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