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Melissa in Australia

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My children are not yet up, but I will say that I enjoyed them very much!  I've always been amazed at claymation.  How she visualizes what she wants and even puts it to music is incredible!


Please tell her I especially liked her choice of music in "The Funny People 1" (Street Fightin' Man by The Rolling Stones). :thumbup1: My DS14 and DS12 are currently enamored with the Beatles... :tongue_smilie: 


I did feel that the animation in "The Funny People 3" was a bit more coarse than in the other 6 videos.  Perhaps that was artistic license, but personally I found it a bit jarring.


Great job!  I will ask the children to have a look when they have a chance.

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We just watched the 4 BlobTunes ones. My kids and I enjoyed them. It brought me back to when my brother and I would do claymation movies. I loved watching the progression of creativity from 1 to 4. it felt like I was getting a climpse into her thought processes growing and expanding as her movies got a little more detailed each time. I know how long claymation takes so can really appreciate the effort put into it.


Our favorites were 4 and 3

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