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French games

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Any suggestions for French games--card, board, or file folder? They'd be for a 7 yr old (ce1 level). We have Spot It! French, which she adores. Any other ideas? Just fun ones or those that reinforce reading, math or French are all welcome.

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We used to make our own game of Categories, where you make a chart -- maybe five squares by five squares (you can decide).  The top labels are alphabet letters (common ones, like d, s, t, m, etc.), and the side labels are categories like "food" or "animals" etc.   You can divide up into teams if you have two or more people, where they fill in as much as they can in 20 (or whatever) minutes.  Or if just one person, you can tell them to do what they can in 20 minutes, or just give them as much time as they want.  But the point is to think of as many words as you can that begin with each letter in each category.  You want to try and fill in every square.  Usually we just try for at least one or two words in each square, but sometimes squares are left blank altogether and that's fine.

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