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Is it too late to get an Instant Pot at a reasonable price?


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Probably. You can always use CamelCamel to track prices of items. I've seen the IP go on sale on Black Friday (2015 and 2016), Cyber Monday (2016) and some got it the day after Cyber Monday this year at the same sale price, and on Amazon's Prime Day in June or July of 2016. 


There are other versions of the IP. Here is one that is $75 now. (The 8 qt of this version is only $10 more). I think the prices for the 6qt and 8qt are sale prices, so could change any minute.


I saw one YT video that showed several kinds of these cookers and the man did a chicken in all of them to compare. Maybe you can find it and look at the different options available. They might not have all the functions of the IP that was on sale most recently, but it might suffice. 


I told DH I want to get one for dd the next time it goes on sale. 


I hope you find something for your dd. 

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I missed CyberMonday and have just discovered that my oldest wants one for Christmas.



I know it's after Christmas, so it might be too late, but when I looked on Amazon today I saw the 7 function, 6 qt IP is $99. 


Had to share!


ETA: The 5qt IP is $109.95 right now. So, bigger size, less money!

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