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Ideas for making narration notebook more fun


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My boys keep a written narration notebook for history and science. We spent most of this year working on writing a good quality paragraph. Now they (youngest still needs lots of hand holding) are good at that I want to make the writing more interesting. Today they did a newspaper article about our SOTW reading. It was excellent. I need more ideas!


So far I have thought of...

Comic strip

Writing from the first person perspective of someone in the lesson.


That's it! I'm drawing a total creative blank. Share ideas or point me to similar posts. Thanks!

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Write a travel brochure for the place they are reading about.


Write as a fly, scarab, etc. on the wall.


Write as part of the science experiment. The seed, for example, or an atom, etc.


That's all I have for now. I'm good at coming up with ideas on the fly but terrible when I have to think about them!

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Write a business letter to an important person in the SOTW chapter suggesting they change something in their decision making.


Draw a map and explain what might be encountered on the route taken.


Write a menu for an event described in a reading.


Write the narration as if it is a piece of fiction - this is actually quite a difficult thing to do without changing the actual key points of the narration.


Write a descriptive essay on one aspect of the narration that has not been fully described in the piece (may require some extra research)


For older students: Compare past history with a news article from today/this week which shows similar choices being made and state what may be the same or different and debate why this may be so.

                              : Compare this history to a book or fictional story known to the child - how are they different/similar


Do one narration where only the key words get written down (no sentences) with illustrations.


Write a blog post 


Write an email to a friend


Write the narration as a text message with a word limit and use text message abbreviations but keep the narration understandable and still convey the message


Write the narration as though it is the blurb of a book - will have to leave out conclusions in this method (this can be tricky)


Write in the third person but as though that person was actually there watching the event or was a very minor character not mentioned in the account.


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