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HiveMind -- is this legal? (online school sports site)


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I'm freaking out a bit here. Dd plays sports. I never minded the paperwork for registering, but school has switched to an online registration system, using a service called FamilyID.com.  :cursing:  :cursing:  :cursing:


I am cautious about what info I share electronically. No matter what the privacy policy, companies do not have to abide by policies if they are bought or sold or acquired by other entities. So I like to share a little as possible.


So, in order to register dd, I am asked to include:


name, address, home and cell phones, my employment

dd's date of birth, height, weight

physician, health insurance info 


health concerns ((such as asthma, cardiac)

recent ER visits/hospitalizations (and explanation for same) 

lots of other questions


[this is part of what is asked for our school, not sure if it's typical]


It's one thing to share info on a piece of paper with the school, but quite another to put it 'out there,' imo. The site is not a medical entity, so I am not sure that HIPAA applies, but still….


Also, the site asked you to check that your child's name and photo can be used in publications, on TV and internet, etc, a much broader permission than I am used to.


What does the Hive think. I want dd to play sports, but I do not want to divulge so much info.


:banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:





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Can you put in a n/a or leave field blank or a 123-456-7890?

The couple forms I've needed to fill out that include information I'm not willing to give, I do this. Fill out the form, if I can't levee it blank, I give a clearly bogus answer. They can call. They never have.


I am really torn here. I did put in some fake answers. But if dd has an accident, I do want the school to know, for example, my cell phone, dc's medical info. But, yeah, bogus is my first thought too.

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Just curious, when you share it on paper with the school, what do you think they do with it?


I'm sure the answer is enter it into their computer system which is tied to the internet. If the site they are using has good security, there is no difference.


I actually think that they have been using the old paper forms. I shudder when I read the end-user and privacy agreements for all the software in use in our schools. Usually, the site owns the info. They 'promise' not to use it for profit, but that can change when a company changes hands. 

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It seems pretty normal stuff to share when registering for sports or camps. Usually I've noticed I can opt out of photos though.


I've filled in electronic forms for Girl Scout camps -- this seems more invasive. And Boy Scouts actually has a 'no electronic storage' of medical forms, though some troops ignore that. 


I was surprised that there was no opt out of photos. You had to agree in order for the form to be processed. Interesting, because the school itself has an opt-in policy for photos/press. No press unless parents agree.

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