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Say, what does D.O. mean when it comes after the name of an doctor? Why not M.D.?

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Doctor of Osteopathy, I think. It's a different type of medicine, somewhat more holistic but still very plugged in to the standard medical system (hospitals, insurance, etc.). My ob-gyn was a D.O., and she was great.


because of their openness to and inclusion of natural approaches whenever it's effective and beneficial.

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I found this on the internet

D.O. - Doctor of Osteopathy. Very similar to an M.D. Osteopaths generally get the same residency training as M.D. physicians. Their medical schools include additional training in physical manipulation techniques somewhat similar to chiropractic.

My family doctor is one and because of that he was able to relocate my dislocated rib.

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We love our DO. He is kind of like a really good chiropractor, but he has hospital privileges and can write prescriptions. His training incuding basicmedical training, but he is very informed on holistic and nutritional approaches. FOr us we get the best of both worlds with a DO.


Laurel T>

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