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Anniversary trip ideas


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Help me think up some places dh and I can go next May for our 20th anniversary (actually, the timing has nothing to do with our anniversary, but it sounds good).


I don't want to deal with jet lag at all, so that leaves nearly all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the western Stans as options.


I don't want to go any place with hot and/or humid weather. The trip has to be in May at the earliest and could be in the summer, although May would be better. Fall is not an option.


We have adventures instead of going on vacation. I dislike shopping, resorts, sandy beaches, and restaurants. Hiking, biking, rafting, ruins, old towns, archaeological sites, street food, interesting buildings, history museums, jungles, deserts, and exploring new cities are our thing.


While I'm willing to spend some money on this, we are happier staying in tiny hotels without amenities or doing Airbnb and cooking our own food. We're fine with renting a car, taking public transportation, or walking. We don't do tours.


I'd probably choose Iceland, but it's a long fight there from here and getting jet laggy. Warsaw or Prague would be delightful, or Albania or Croatia. Istanbul is very high on our list, but it's a little hard to plan ahead for that one right now. Morocco and southern Spain are getting too hot for me in May, as are Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan even though I really want to go to all of those places with dh. Cairo is too hot too. Malta would be great.


Where would you go?

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We just celebrated our 25th by renting a crazy-little car and driving around Andalusia, staying in little inns, eating lots of tapas, and wandering narrow whitewashed alleys without any particular plans...









  :001_wub:  :001_wub:





Looking forward to hearing other suggestions!

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