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Lawn update


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Thanks so much for all of the advice (and gentle kick in the pants) in my last thread about the lawn. Here is a little update. 


A family member who was visiting took care of it last week. We also got an extension from the landlord to give us more time for the move itself. 


Today, I saw it needed mowed again. DH was at the new house so I decided enough was enough. I took an allergy pill, got a mask, hiking boots, bug spray and armed myself with fresh knowledge from a couple of youtube videos. I was feeling pumped, got the mower out and...nothing. I could not for the life of me get the stupid started. So I asked a neighbor to show me what to do. He insisted on doing the small front yard for me, which was in no way what I was asking for, but was very appreciated.


DH came home as I was taking it to the back and showed me again how to start it. We agreed that I would do half and he would do half. (He didn't want me to over do it, since I spent the morning painting ceilings.) Well, it is all uneven and not too pretty. But I did it. I still can't start the mower myself. But oh well. At least I did something. It's progress. 


As for the new house, we bought a used riding mower that isn't great. But it should get us through the rest of the summer. We will start saving up for a better one for next year. And I've been reading up on fertilizer, etc. As I said before, since I care more, I guess it is up to me to do what I can and nag a little less. 

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Yeah! And the wonderful news is mowing season doesn't have that long left. It is still hot hot hot here. Dh and I aren't looking forward to mowing this evening. Our yard is too small to consider a riding mower, but I did talk my mom into buying one. They have a large lawn. She has COPD and her husband recently had a slew of medical problems that included surgery. They love the riding mower.

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