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  1. There is an MEP Facebook group that is fairly active.
  2. I’m finding the same thing. Only we hadn’t used MUS until ds enrolled in a 1 day/week tutorial that uses it this year. He has always caught onto new math concepts well, but not MUS Algebra. He watches the video, I read the lessons and TRY to help if needed, and sometimes I still have to resort to YouTube for extra teaching on the content because I don’t remember all of Algebra 1. I am having him do the bare minimum assigned for the tutorial and working slowly with him a couple days/week through CLE. He is able to understand the CLE lessons without watching a video or having a teacher one
  3. THANK YOU everyone! You all have been so very helpful! I did get a call from the doctor’s nurse today reporting the low result (not knowing I already checked everything thru the online portal) and asking me to supplement with 1000 IU/day. I went to the natural food store and there were so many supplement options it was overwhelming. I’m not sure I got the “best” option, but I got a dissolvable D3 with K2 (since one of you suggested K2). Figured I can research which options are better than others over the next days, but for now I just want to get replacement started ASAP. I am think
  4. I haven’t posted here in a long while, but still lurk mostly on the education boards. Just curious, without going into too many details (since I don’t want to say too much about my child), would a low vit d level of 18 be enough to make a child pretty much feel crappy a good bit of the time? Would it build up over time? Even if child does still have enough energy to happily play with friends and energized to do just sheer fun stuff? Although, there’s starting to be a little less endurance there too maybe. I know it isn’t a critical value, but the doc hasn’t called since I read the resul
  5. Probably chicken haystacks (rice topped with chopped chicken/broth and various toppings) or taco salad bar. a go-to funeral meal I try to pull together last minute when church members pass away is spiral ham, freshly fried chicken ordered from a local grocery store’s deli, and meatballs warmed in the crockpot with BBQ sauce. I ask other church members to bring southern-style green beans, a potato dish or mac & cheese, veggie tray, fruit platter, rolls, desserts, and maybe a large green salad if the family is the type to like hearty salads. I need to come up with a new go-to meal bec
  6. For a mom with a child about to complete CLE Math 805 and would like to start Algebra 1 in August, this is a helpful perspective. Thank you!
  7. The Apple Pencil is like a stylus, but writes onto the screen exactly like a pen or pencil, more precise than a stylus. I use it in combo with the notability app when needing to fill out and sign forms for the kids and email the pdf to someone. I think artists can do some pretty detailed drawings via the Apple Pencil vs a stylus. For the iPad and homeschool.....it’s like a teacher assistant to me. I keep track of my records, test scores, books read lists, attendance, and such mostly through files on the Notability app. I keep quite a bit in the calendar and do all my online umbrella
  8. For me, "the long haul" would mean using CLE as the main spine for math over at least several years, or through the completion of the levels. As of right now, my son is wanting to do CLE Algebra next year instead of taking the Algebra class using a different program at his weekly tutorial. As long as it is working for him, I don't plan to switch it up. I doubt the revised Sunrise Edition Geometry will be ready the year after next, so he will likely do Geometry at the tutorial or with me using a different program. I think he is in CLE "for the long haul" (returning to CLE if the revised Alg
  9. I think CLE can be independent if needed for a child that has a natural ability to understand math, but I agree that parent involvement with teaching and going through missed problems with the child helps. Also, we haven't done the flash cards part of CLE, because my oldest didn't need them. I wish I had done CLE with the flashcard practice as instructed in the workbooks with my youngest, because she needed remediation work with simple math facts.
  10. My oldest completed MEP years 1-4a and then CLE 405-710 ( he just started the 800 books). MEP was very hands on, deep, conceptual, and interesting. CLE is straight forward and do the next thing with lots of spiral review. People say the CLE word problems are weak, and they are light compared to MEP, but I have not supplemented with anything additional since we switched to CLE. A few months ago, my oldest took his 1st ever standardized test and scored years 12 and 13 respectively on the mathematical calculations and reasoning sections. My youngest did MEP years 1-2 and then CLE 205-407 (4
  11. It doesn't take long at all, BUT this is only because he isn't doing the program to its fullest. He reads a chapter twice/week (about 15-20 min) and does a lab once/week (about 30-45 min from start to finish including set up, clean up, and answering the lab book questions). He does the lab write-up and we talk about the results (the teacher's guide is very helpful for this). Ideally, he would spend a longer time on each reading assignment, we would discuss the questions in depth, I would make sure he understand it all to mastery, and I would do the test at the end of each section. If we
  12. I agree that doing it all in one year is very doable, especially for an 8th grader. We are doing year 1 for my 7th grader, but it isn't a priority subject so it is taking the whole year to do year 1. Glancing through year 2, I do not think it is enough as a high school biology credit without a large amount of supplementing. The biology portion is one of 4 sections of the entire book and is meant to take up one semester of the 2 year plan. Take this with a grain of salt since I am 2 years out from planning a high school biology course, but I can see the biology section being a good spine i
  13. We only have the sick kid stay home unless there isn't an option for someone else to be with the sick kid or take the well kid to/from the activity. My oldest was sick last week on a day both my kids had the same extracurricular classes. The teachers were fine my well child came. In fact, she missed part of her classes because I had to work around my mom's schedule for someone to come check on my oldest while I was out for a couple hours. The teachers would have preferred she had come to all the classes, but understood the situation. They all asked about ds and said they hoped he felt bet
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