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This page is helpful for looking at the grades/levels along with norms for when you test. If your child is working above grade level, you could use a higher level test than suggested for their grade. Sometimes it is even more useful when interpreting scores and seeing areas to work on. (If a first grader is doing 2nd/3rd grade work, it is not surprising when they test in the 99th% on the first grade level ITBS).



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Some people don't care about the normal school year, so if someone decides their kid starts first grade in January (for example), then they would want to use the end-of year norms in the fall, which for most people would be beginning of the year. Beyond that, I don't know.

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I think everyone approaches testing with different strategies.


One strategy would be to get the ITBS prep books (Scoring High or Spectrum Test prep), and see how your child performs on sample tests.


We use Bob Jones testing--and maybe they can answer your specific questions.


I've always tested according to the official public school grade of their age, and did that every year.  I think if you start testing out of grade level, you need to consider continuing to do that . . . so that you can compare scores over the years.


ITBS in grades 2 or below is largely oral, so we just wait until grade 3 to start testing.

Our view is that the testing experience, following directions, etc. are all skills to be taught in the homeschool environment too!


We usually test right before Thanksgiving, so I just say the child has completed, for example, grade 4 and 3 months (for the norms). 


You can google to find other similar threads like this on the WTM forums in the past.


Best wishes!  Sometimes the first test experience is a bit overwhelming for both the student AND the teacher.  :)


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