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  1. Ok, after compressing the pics about 6 times, they will fit.... Though I really do need to figure out this attachment issue (it now says I have a max upload file size limit of just 400 kB!!) The images got kind of mixed up and it won't let me rearrange them, but I included the table of contents so you can see the order things came in.
  2. Ok, can anyone tell me what the max total file size I can upload is < 1 MB? Is the file attachment limit really this low, or is something wrong with my account? ETA I've had this for a while - it seems like every time I upload something, it takes away from some "total," rather than being a "per post" sort of thing. Is this a glitch?
  3. Me too! Especially since they’re so much further along!! I really want to see what some of the other units are like!!
  4. Ha ha, he forgot my instruction to take them, but I'll grab some tomorrow!
  5. Gosh, so ds is about 1/8th of the way through the first EMF course, and he LOVES it so far. Says it's the best "math game" he's ever had. lol. So far, it's all sorts of cryptography and modular arithmetic sort of stuff.
  6. Ha ha, thanks for the minesweeper hint. That sounds like a fun way to practice logic! I had him take the aptitude test and signed him for the freebie EMF course. I figured it can't hurt and will be interesting to see what happens. 🙂
  7. He just can't do it. At all. Like, he has no idea what to write down. When he does write things down, they don't make much sense. Organizing work is horrible (very smart, but autistic and dysgraphic and pretty high on the adhd scales....) Last summer I sat with him 2 hours a day for five weeks straight, with a focus on proofs and write-ups, and I'm not sure he learned anything that entire five weeks. lol. I haven't tried since then, because I've just had no idea how to even try again. lol.
  8. Will do. DS is in ch 2 of AoPS Algebra now, plugging along at his own pace. I confess that EMF seems a bit pricey to me, given that I have a math background and can offer an awful lot of help myself (all we pay for with AoPS is the textbook itself)... But I also recognize it's probably about on par (or even less) than many "deeper" options. I'm thinking of giving him the placement just to see where he'd land, but I notice that they say to start at the beginning and work through the whole thing, regardless of background. I'd really love to get him into something that would help him write proofs
  9. Oh wow- I will definitely look into it more. My three autistic kiddos definitely do better with concrete first. I wonder why AoPS is the main program I hear about for discovery based, math loving kiddos? Oh well. Thank you so much!
  10. I am intrigued by this. I like AoPS a lot, but also really like the idea of making hard math accessible. I love discovery based math, but also have kids who sometimes just do better with direct, clear instruction. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this thread for the future and hope that it gets updated as folks give it a try. 😉 Ha ha - I definitely kept pen and paper next to my bed during grad school. I'd say that 70% of what I wrote down was pure bull and I looked at it and wondered what I was thinking the next morning. But the other 30% was pure gold and all the biggest resul
  11. Our experience has been good, but I'm not sure how much it actually costs to weigh cost vs benefit (we were super blessed to get a pandemic scholarship through our state IDA chapter for my three dyslexic girls this school year). I let them do it while I'm doing Barton with my other girls, and I do feel like it's helpful. My girls remember the songs and sing them a LOT. It's colorful and fun. Perhaps not AS instructional as Barton, but.... a whole lot less work for me when I need a bit of a break! lol. ETA: I forget there are different components. We only did Reading & Spelling, and my g
  12. Anyone have this or have a kiddo with this? Any way to capitalize on it in our homeschool?
  13. We ended up not getting it, because by the time they updated to all courses, ds was invested enough in his Khan academy course that he didn't want to switch. I expect we will still sign up this summer for next year, but it means I don't know if it's back to the functionality it had with Uzinggo. They made it much simpler with the last update, but the last piece I would've liked to see them add was a "continue where you left off" sort of button. I don't know if they've done that in the last three months, but they might if you emailed them about it. I found back in Aug-Oct that they were relativ
  14. Thanks. It's hard to tell if that's the exact thing I saw or not, but it definitely looks similar!
  15. I have no idea what it’s called, and I’ve tried various Google searches, but a number of years ago, someone had posted on this board a picture of the way that their child organized their task/project list. It was on a whiteboard and had different columns, and somehow it narrowed down into two or three things that are being worked on at a time and then get moved to a different category. I think there might have had a distinction between some that were short term and some that were long-term, but I’m really not sure. I know this is super vague and won’t make sense to anyone, unless they al
  16. I don’t mind being nearby. And I can even look at it occasionally, as long as I don’t have to focus on it for too long. 😂 She has good knife skills in the kitchen, and I do trust her with knives of normal sharpness (she routinely chops up all manner of vegetables and fruit for me).
  17. I have a 9 yo kiddo who just got her first opportunity to dissect a deer heart with a friend. I've not seen her eyes shine like that in a very long time. It was love-at-first-slice... And she's desperate to do more. Problem #1: I'm very squeamish. There's NO way I'm going to be able to help her without vomiting, fainting, or both. Problem #2: She's dyslexic, so lots of print is overwhelming and stressful. I've searched some old threads on dissection, but I'm just not sure how many of them will be something a 4th/5th grader could do independently, or if she'll just have to wait until she's
  18. I would like to introduce my kids to a greater variety of cultural/ethnic foods. If you have ties with other cultures, would you share any authentic heritage recipes (not sure if this is the right word?) that you and your children love? If there's any cultural or historical significance you're able to share, I'd love it if you could include it as well! Bonus points if the amount of spiciness is adjustable for anyone here who may be a spice-wimp.
  19. My oldest did Dragonbox algebra 12+ while still not finished with Singapore 2. I feel like it was a great introduction to algebra, and gave a lot of intuition re: fractions as well, without requiring much of those older elementary concepts/arithmetic. Elements was also a super fun introduction to geometry for him! 🙂
  20. No problem. I took the video down though because I realized afterwards that it had some personal information on it. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂
  21. Ok, so one point of clarification, now that they've extended my trial: you can definitely assign an entire course now, view progress, scores/grades, reports, time spent on activities, etc. The only thing that I've found is still not ideal, and it's relatively minor, but I wrote them about it anyway, is that it doesn't automatically start you where you left off. It pulls up the sequence, and you have to scroll to where the check marks end (I'm attaching a video, and you can see that when I click "play," it automatically starts at the beginning of the course, so I just have to scroll over past a
  22. I got this email today. The main point for me is the last one - they've added the ability to just assign entire courses to a student! I asked for a new "free trial" to verify that everything works as hoped, but with this update released, I think we're a "Go" for uzinggo/Adaptive Curriculum again! Yea!! --------------------- The following updates have been released recently in Adaptive Curriculum: 1. The Catalog Tree now shows more granular Middle School courses instead of just Math and Science: Hopefully, this reorganization will make more sense f
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