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  1. We do a fair bit of driving and my kids are pretty used to listening to audiobooks and doing coloring/sticker books while we drive, but we have a 16ish hour drive coming up in a month, and -- unlike most of our drives where I have another adult there to handout snacks and otherwise help -- I'm going this one alone. We also have a variety of fidgits, rubiks cubes, kanoodle, magnetic games, etc, that they're used to doing on trips. So I feel like I would like to get them something novel to keep them busy for at least some of this trip. Novel - but not messy... lol. My kids are 10, 8, 6, 4, and t
  2. Any good recommendations from people who actually know drums? I realize I can just do a google search, but I have no way of knowing if what I find is in any way good. 🙂
  3. I do this frequently, showing him kind of the "main" point to write down so that he can follow his work later. But I've also been doing it for the last two years... 😛 I'd hoped it would sort of come naturally after enough modeling, but to no avail yet! lol.
  4. My ds9 (almost 10) did each quarter of BA3&4 in roughly 4-8 weeks. Made it through both years of work in under a year, despite doing it concurrently with Singapore. But BA5 seems to be kicking his butt, and I just cannot figure out why. It's taken him over a year just to get 5A and 5B done. When I sit with him to see what's going on, he seems to struggle with keeping things straight in his head - but he's never had this problem with math before and the kid reads math textbooks for fun on a regular basis. He keeps making little mistakes (being off by 1 counting terms in a sequence, doubling
  5. So we're moving to a state that requires students study civics every year, and I'm trying to figure out exactly what would meet that requirement. Do you think I'm supposed to assume it's US civics only? What are civics, exactly? Just government? Or economy, too? My kids are 4th, 2nd, K, and PreK (obviously not on the books officially yet). I'm considering just looking for a straight up text book, and then just using it more like a "list" of things to talk about with them, just a topic a week or something like that (not having them go through the book at all themselves, it would just be for
  6. It's really not, actually. I only gave it as the example of how they use it NOW. If all that mattered were my current list - which boils down to web browsing and word processing - I'd just buy them a cheapo $150 Best buy back to school laptop like we got for DH (who really does only use those things). My hope here was to find out what sorts of things they could be doing on a laptop that would be very helpful, either now or in the future, and then buy something accordingly (with the understanding that, at this point, I don't want to spend $$$ on a macbook). So I do really appreciate your sugges
  7. Part of my problem is that I don't know exactly what I want it to do. Sure, I know what I want it to do *now*, but the main reason for this question to begin with is that I'm not sure what I'll want it to be able to do in the next few years! lol. Right now, the kids primarily use my computer for * watch Nova/Youtube vids * Use Google docs for "writing" things (stories, summaries, letters, etc.) * Web browser stuff like XtraMath, Alcumus, Prodigy, Code.org, Typing.org, etc. * Arduino We do have a little iPad mini that they regularly use for Barton, and very occasionally
  8. Really?? The chromebooks by us are far cheaper than any ipad, even without a case. Which chromebook and ipad are you referring to?
  9. What should I be looking for in a cheap computer for kids with dyslexia/ASD/ADHD? I was thinking of getting a Chromebook for my kids to use for school, because they are not at all gentle with my own laptop. They are already relatively comfortable using Google's voice typing online through Google Docs, but we have not really ventured into the world of tech too much with them outside of that and some basic stuff like XtraMath, Code.org, Typing.com, and Prodigy. Right now, most of our time is spent on daily living, learning how to get along with others, and Barton (I've got kids in levels 2, 3, a
  10. Thank you all. Yes, we do a lot of the mental math stuff and talk about how it's easier to subtract a bigger number and add back in (she's doing Beast and Singapore concurrently, Beast a level behind Singapore). She's getting things a lot of different ways! 🙂 We do all the cheats out there! lol. I would just like this to be a tool in her arsenal as well, I guess. Yes, I suppose I'm not yet used to putting things into perspective with her new ASD diagnosis. She is profoundly dyslexic and we've known that for the last year, but all of her other language skills (expres
  11. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned: nothing popped up in my search, but I'm not confident in the search function. 🙂 Some folks on the Barton fb group were talking about how they got this pass for their kids based on a dyslexia dx: https://store.usgs.gov/access-pass?fbclid=IwAR26l4JV0DA73hYx4P8_dcPws9Ccrr0OoWEaQumJri29d3CFzDp1JUdNhg4 Seems pretty cool to me, but I'm wondering what you'd actually include in a disability letter for dyslexia. I'm all about taking advantage of things like this that we can access, and I'd really love to get my kids passes, but I guess I worr
  12. My kids really like Should I or shouldn't I? It's a little surprising to me, because it seems a little bit... dry... to me. But they seem to think it's as fun as apples to apples or something like that. They pull it out to play in their free time, when it's competing with monopoly and catan and chess and mancala.
  13. Not at this point in time. DH is aware that my single biggest concern is lack of support for our children. So we're going to go and see what happens. I'm going to put out calls and just see what folks might be able to do for us. I believe the school in the area (there's 1 public grade school in the entire county) has relatively good supports, actually (funding is allocated on a statewide basis based on # of students, rather than neighborhood taxes, so the poorer areas actually have decent schools still) and that most of the support people in the area get seems to come through the school, inste
  14. Ha ha. No, I'm SO not an introvert. I'm an extraverted unschooly parent at heart. I already went through a grieving process the last few summers realizing that my kids don't "do vacation" and I have to just keep their school/structure all year long. I have no idea what my next steps are, honestly. We're moving this summer to a super rural place where OTs and psych's are an hour drive away. I'm very much at a loss as to what my next steps are. 🙂
  15. Well we met for our feedback appointment today. Both girls got the ASD dx. The 3 yo had an ADOS score on the lower end of the ASD score range, while the 7 year old had a "close but passing" ADOS score, but the evaluator felt like it was still the right dx based on all the other information we had. And DH said that his clinician is finishing up the testing this Friday, but has said that ASD will likely be the dx as well (whereas before it was anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and social anxiety...) So apparently I'm now in the minority of non-ASD people in my home now.... Me and the 5 yo... lol.
  16. Has anyone ever had a kid who couldn't figure out the carrying rule about re-grouping with 9's until the end and then a 10 at the very end (e.g., when subtracting something like 598 from 1234)? We moved on when she got stuck on it last year, and she finished the rest of Singapore 3, but I tried revisiting it this week and she's still completely stuck on it. She can get there on her own by a series of regroupings (e.g., turn 1 into 0 and 2 into 12, then turn 12 into 11 and turn 3 into 13, then turn 13 into 12 and 4 into 14) but it seems like WAY more work (to ME!! lol). This is the only way she
  17. 5 more weeks until feedback from the private psych! Feels like eternity!! lol,
  18. Sigh. Don't even get me started about dd7's testing... When I mentioned her appt with her the day before, she brought me paper and asked me to write down what she wanted to remember to tell her psych. It went like this (and I know for sure, because she made me write it down!): It's hard to understand people. In public, in a group, I'll say stuff like, "Yeah, yeah, totally!" But I'll walk away from the group thinking, "What just happened? I don't understand what's going." When I get in trouble for being mean, I don't understand how or why I got in trouble and I'm sad that people don't unde
  19. So I had my 3 yo's ADOS done with a private person and not gotten results back. Simultaneously, I had her evaluated through the schools, and it turns out that they do an ADOS too (though I didn't know that before hand). But now I'm confused. Here are the results the school gave me: ADOS score of 2 -> not even a little autism, despite BASC-3 percentile scores of 1st %ile in Adaptability, 1st in social skills, 99th in withdrawal, 97th in atypicality, 94th in anxiety, and 89th in aggression. So they very nicely (and I really liked this team, so don't get me wrong!) told me that it stinks she h
  20. Well, DH backtracked on sending her to school and is just strongly encouraging us to take a break and go for bike rides and hikes and spend time together outdoors and having fun. I need to figure out how to “take a break” in a way that’s meaningful to me while still having the structure that my kids need. So I doubt we plop her into school this year (school by us is out in 7 weeks anyway), but I will keep thinking about and mulling over all of this as I think about what would be best for next year. Thank you all so much for all of your advice, encouragement, and wisdom.
  21. I don’t know what pairing is? i have a few friendS that step in when we really need it, but no family or anything that could step in more often. A few older church members have tried to offer us childcare for us to take a break or go in a date or something on occasion, but my kids are enough of a handful that they usually don’t offer to watch them again after that.
  22. Mostly zones of reg stuff. Problem was that dd knew all the right answers to say, but can’t apply them. So they told me at this point, the balls in my court to make her implement the things she knows. Thanks for this. It’s helpful. Thanks foR the encouragement that any change we make might be a good one, and that we do have more options than I was previously considering. I’m honestly not sure who would tynhrive in school and who not. Part of my hesitation in trying to sort this school stuff out now is that we are likely moving out of state this summer, so anything I do no
  23. Any suggestions on how to convince a therapist that she's sweet and well-behaved in their office, but a holy terror at home? lol. They somehow tend to think it's either an imaginary problem (because I like taking her to therapy several times a week and depriving my younger kids of their nap just for fun...) OR a behavioral problem that I've brought on myself by rewarding her outbursts....
  24. That is what I'm concerned about. She is/was in therapy and OT for the anxiety and depression. But they felt like she was so much better that they released her from OT last month and her therapist only wanted to see her every month or two. I wonder if that decrease in supports led to the most recent month of panic attacks and not sleeping.
  25. I post a lot about dd7, I feel. She has a number of diagnoses (dyslexia, anxiety, depression, vision issues) and a number of things people sometimes ask about and/or suggest (bipolar, ASD, adhd, apraxia) that have not been evaluated yet. School with her is a nightmare. Every day involves crying, refusal to do her work (reading exercises, vision exercises, etc.). For every 30 minutes of work we get done, I think we spend 2ish hours crying and refusing to do it. She was in a full-on panic attack a few days ago, unable to stop scratching at my and her clothes while shaking. She's also back to wak
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