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Can you recommend any free online precalculus resources?

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One of my previous co op students is now at public school and trying to test out of precalc. He has taught himself using Khan Academy but the school just gave him a sample test and he has realized there are quite a few problems he doesn't know how to do.


Do any of you know of free online precalc resources?



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This book is used by some of the public schools here. He can look in the library's teen section for a copy or used bookstores have copies of slightly older editions for $10.

If he know what textbook the school used, see if he can loan that for summer from his school. Here public high school kids can loan out textbooks to study over summer depending on the school.


Pdf link from a high school site




Does he have a graphing calculator? Some schools require one for PreCalc so the test may have questions that are graphing calculator friendly.

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Thanks Arcadia and MarkT. I am sure he has a graphing calculator. Thanks for the placement tests - I will send everything to him. He is smart and hardworking. I taught him computer programming and he now works for me as a Teaching Assistant in my online programming classes. I am impressed he is motivated enough to work on this over the summer! I do think he will be able to test out. He is one of those kids who knows how to "self teach" - and he was homeschooled until high school.



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These are posted in the pinned math thread, but I'll put them here too. 


These are free youtube video playlists for each high school math course. I learned about them when ds took AP Stats. We found them very helpful and they would make a great supplement for any high school math.


Professor RobBob:


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Edready.org has online practice questions for community college math placement tests and practice problems by topic with explanations.


We're using the free UW precalc test at home this summer. My mathy kid is flying through it. See post 82 in the pinned high school math thread above.

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