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RSO Biology 2 for 2 years?

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DS (7th) and ODD (5th) will be starting RSO Biology 2 in August. I just received the book and am starting to plan. It seems like there is a lot of information to cover in one year. I'm thinking about spreading the book out over 2 years instead of one. Some of the units are fairly short, but then others, such as Anatomy & Physiology, are quite lengthy.  Has anyone ever done this for RSO Biology 2? How did it work? Thanks!

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We did it this year for 6th grade and didn't finish. I just picked units I wanted to cover when it became clear that we would not finish. I think most biology courses now cover much more than can be finished in a year. Even the SAT subject exams divide biology into subspecialties, and anatomy could be a whole separate course.


We are going to spend 7th grade doing a climate change study and pick up some of the ecology units we missed. 

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I did RSO Bio 2 for my 5th grader. He was part of a co-op Bio lab I taught with older kids (7th-9th). I planned my syllabus for 30 weeks because that's how many weeks were in the co-op year. We used all the RSO chapters (for him, other kids were using CK12 or Life on Earth) but not all the elements of every chapter. For human A&P we combined two chapters per week, but added an additional week for Kingdom Animalia and an additional week for ecology. We did all the readings, some of the labs and microscope labs (I had other labs at co-op), a very few of the FSS activities, and did not use the SWYK (though we could have added them easily). In addition I had videos each week (usually 10-30 minutes worth). Anyway, all that to say that the RSO curriculum is flexible. I don't know if there's a real benefit to stretching it over 2 years. If you're concerned about not fitting it in I would eliminate some things and condense.


Just had to say I think RSO is a great middle school science - well written and designed, and flexible to your needs. Have fun next year (and the next?)!

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