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Help me choose BraveWriter Online Classes-8th grader!!

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Dd is a rising 8th grader. We are opting out of taking co-op writing classes because she is tired of IEW Theme books. 

I have Elegant Essay to fill in through the year, but really want her to take at least 2-3 writing classes with BW.....

Where do I start? I would like one of them to be the Intermediate Kidswrite. She liked the look of the Middle School Writing Projects. Would that be a good one to start with for introducing to BW? 


Any advice on what your favorites are for your middlers to keep it fun but prepare for writing in high school?



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None of my kids have done Middle school writing projects so I can't comment on that. It sounds like a good place to start.


Kidswrite Intermediate - one of mine took it as an 8th grader; my oldest was not ready until high school. The writing itself is not that difficult, but some of the thinking like learning how to paraphrase doesn't always come naturally to a younger student. Depending on your student, you might consider doing Expository Essay next or save that one for high school.


Does your dd like fiction? My daughter took several of the fiction writing classes this year as a 7th grader. She was on the young side and I wouldn't recommend these for someone who doesn't like fiction, but they were great classes.


Do you have other kids? Some of the family classes might fit you well - Playing with Poetry, Just so Stories, Family Shakespeare are all good choices.


Might consider taking one or two months of the Boomerang club. Pick some books that sound interesting and then sign up for a month and have your daughter do writing about the books.


Lots of choices and they are all good.



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