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All planned out ... now what?

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I have my dd's high school courses all planned out. In the past I have been hesitant to plan too far ahead, because things have had a habit of changing on me, but I have talked with dd quite a bit, and she's pretty certain what she wants to do, so other than choosing her DE classes when the time comes (next year, she didn't want to take any this year), we're pretty much done planning. We know the courses, we know the curricula ...


I can't plan too far ahead with my son because his progress is not linear and he does not have the clearly articulated goals my dd has.


I feel kind-of disappointed. I love to research and plan.

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That frees you up to start researching/planning for other high school things:

- extracurriculars (exposure to possible new interests, pursue passions, support academics or career choice, etc.)

- volunteering/community service

- how to have life skills in place by high school graduation (driving, budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, basic auto maintenance)

- college or community college prep (study skills:note-taking, test-taking, etc.; computer skills)


And research/planning for teen summer job options, resume-building, etc.


And esp. it frees you up to start researching/planning for:

- college search

- college admissions

- scholarships

- possibly internships

- possibly gap year activities (between high school graduation and start of college)



And just about the time you have those things squared away, you'll find DD has completely changed her mind partway through high school and you'll be back to researching/planning for the last year or two of high school credits… ;)

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Now what?  ... That's easy.


Start second-guessing.  It doesn't really count until you've changed your mind twice and then ended up back where you started.









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