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Grammar review

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What would be a good grammar review for a high school student? I'm mainly looking for necessary information like punctuation and capitalization rules. He as a basic understanding of sentence structure, but doesn't always know the terms (direct objects, predicate nominative, gerunds, etc). At this point, I'm not sure how necessary that is as long as he uses them correctly in his writing. He does have some learning challenges so we have spent so much time on reading and spelling (and need to continue). Grammar has taken a back burner.


I just saw Jensen's Punctuation. Would that be a good supplement? He needs more instruction than just "editing" programs.

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We've been using The Best Grammar Workbook Ever this year and we've been pretty happy with it! It's very easy to read and appropriate for my 9th grader.


I think we're going to use Barron's SAT/ACT prep Grammar Workbook next year but we might do the Blue  Book first then move on to SAT/ACT prep for Junior year.


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