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Accredited vs. Unaccredited transcript in Georgia

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I know there are so many posts about accreditation and they've been very helpful.  We were going the unaccredited route (why should I pay someone a lot of money to keep track of something that I could do on my own)....until we started looking into colleges with my dd who is finishing her junior year of high school.  I have found that the private colleges do not have any problems with a homeschooled student with an unaccredited transcript.  But the public colleges (University of Georgia and Auburn) look at me funny when I ask the admissions about unaccredited transcripts.

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1. Instead of requesting information about "unaccredited transcript" admissions, you need to request information about homeschool admission requirements. Virtually all colleges accept homeschool transcripts and parent-awarded diplomas, and most have a process for homeschool applicants, as they already understand that homeschools are not accredited. ;)


2. Not all high schools are accredited, so their transcripts and diplomas are unaccredited. Not a fact these schools publicize, so not something you need to advertise either. ;) Also, see point #1 -- very few colleges require accredited transcripts/diplomas from homeschoolers.


3. In GA, you as a homeschooler can go through the accreditation process and be an accredited homeschool, which means your transcript and diploma are accredited. See these past threads:


Bev in B'ville: about your accreditation



BEST of luck in your college admissions process! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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When I describe our homeschool, I usually say that we are an independent homeschool rather than one with an umbrella group.  


Of six schools where ds applied, none voiced an issue with the documentation I submitted.  One did say that for financial aid purposes, I would need to demonstrate that we'd met homeschool requirements in our state, which I'm confident I can do.


I did have one school (Drexel) that was adamant that they wanted an accredited diploma, or GED, or 24 hours of college credit.  We quickly crossed that school off the list of places to apply to.  I thought their requirements were curious, since they were one of the lower stat schools he considered, but they had the most inflexible requirements.

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